Answered Prayers

Discover the many stories of answered prayers, granted through Pedro’s intercession.

May 28, 2021

A query from the auditors

I would like to recount a small favour I received from Pedrito Ballester:

When we submitted the accounts for the last financial year, the auditors spotted a figure that seemed out of place and queried it. Although it was a relatively small amount, it was important to find out what was wrong so that it could be corrected. I went through all the figures and revised all the entries a number of times but could not find where the error was. I was even thinking about this in bed, trying to figure out in my head where the mistake may have been. But all in vain…

After coming back to the accounts a number of times over a number of days and checking and re-checking, without success, I decided to ask Pedrito to give me a hand: “Pedrito, help me to find out where this mysterious figure has come from and I promise to write up the favour.” A few minutes later, an inspiration: why not check last year’s accounts, since the error may stem from then? Sure enough, after a bit more investigation, I was able to spot the source of the error, trace it back, correct it, issue new revised accounts and clarify everything with the auditors.

I am very grateful to Pedrito, to whom I continue to pray to for both big and small things, convinced of his powerful intercession in Heaven.

I hope his process of Beatification will start up soon and that we will see him in the altars one day.


Glasgow, Scotland