Why pray through Pedro’s intercession? 

Pope Francis writes that “the proper mission of the Saints is not only to obtain miracles and graces, but to intercede for us before God”. We think that Pedro lived a holy life on earth and is with God in heaven. While we await the judgement of the Church on the holiness of Pedro, we can ask him to intercede for us before God. If God listens to our prayers through Pedro's intercession, this is further proof that he is in heaven and that eventually he will be numbered officially by the Church among the saints.

How Pedro prayed

Pedro was a good friend and prayed for his friends and for all those he met. When he was in hospital he often asked those who visited him what they wanted him to pray for. 

One friend asked Pedro to pray for a couple who had difficulties in their marriage. The following time he visited Pedro in hospital, to that person’s surprise, Pedro asked him about that couple. Pedro had been praying for them, and they were again reunited. 

On the very day he died, the child of a mother who knew Pedro went missing. The mother asked Pedro to find her child and immediately a car stopped in front of her: the driver of the car had found the child. 

A seminarian who knew Pedro said that he was asking for Pedro’s intercession. In his testimony he wrote: “I do this very naturally – we were friends and brothers on earth, and I do not feel this has changed at all in death.”

You can say the prayer on this website followed by an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. To have the prayer easily accessible, you can download the prayer-card to your phone from here in several different languages. A traditional form of prayer is the Novena, where a prayer is said for nine days in succession for a specific intention, because Jesus asked us to persevere in prayer.

How to pray through Pedro’s intercession

Prayer for private devotion

Heavenly Father, you gave your son Pedro a deep and cheerful faith, love for the Cross, and zeal to bring his friends closer to Christ. Help me also to offer my work, joys and sufferings for the good of the Church and for the salvation of all. Grant through Pedro’s prayers what I now ask (name the intention) and that I too may grow each day in faith and love for Jesus, by making Him, with our Lady’s help, the centre of my life and love. Amen. Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory Be

In conformity with the decrees of Pope Urban VIII, we declare that there is no intention of anticipating in any way the judgement of the Church, and that this prayer is not intended for public use.

With ecclesiastical approval.

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