Pedro's Story

Meet Pedro,
the student with a gift of friendship and a love for God.

Who is Pedro?

Get to know Pedro Ballester, a cheerful university student with a gift of friendship who loved God and others even through his struggle with cancer.

Stories from friends

Get to know Pedro through his friends.

Prayer favours

Discover the many stories of answered prayers, granted through Pedro’s intercession.

‘Don’t wait for old age in order to become saints’
St Josemaría Escrivá

Praying with Pedro

Pedro often asked people how he could pray for them - now, we believe that he intercedes for us in Heaven.

About this website

This website was developed by a group of friends of Pedro Ballester with the hope that one day Pedro will be counted among the saints in the Catholic Church. We are asking those who knew Pedro to send us photographs and stories of his life, how they met him, conversations or events that impressed them about him, so that we may publish them here. We would also like to be sent details of any favours received through his intercession.