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August 25, 2023

A search for a house in Seville

I am writing to relate a favour received from Pedro Ballester. I share this story because it was really something quite miraculous, with Pedro acting on it.
We were going to start searching for a house for the family, in Seville. It usually takes a long time to find what you are looking for: you have to search a lot, spend many hours, have doubts. So, I entrusted the search directly to Pedro, as I felt he would take special care of this matter.
I prayed to Pedro and I asked him to help. The next morning we made a first visit to a house about which we had practically no previous information. It sounds incredible, but the truth is that on that visit we resolved everything. It was the house we needed, everything suited us... Even the initial price was adjusted to our budget as we spoke....This was clearly for us. We didn't have to keep looking. That very morning we made the reservation and a few weeks later we started living there. I know that this home was found for us by Pedro. He has not only found us a perfect place, but he has made everything easy and friendly, with love, with interest.
Thank you very much, Pedro: this has been a favour from you; you have asked God for a caress for us. Thank you very much.
CCM (Seville, Spain)
21 August 2023

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