Answered Prayers

Discover the many stories of answered prayers, granted through Pedro’s intercession.

May 10, 2021

A tumor is benign

I write these lines to express my great gratitude and faith in the intercession of Pedro, Pedrito as he is so affectionately called.

Some time ago I was given his prayer card with his prayer so that I could begin to pray to him. The truth is that I have not done so until this Holy Week, on Monday of Holy Week this year.

My sister PP has been diagnosed with a very, very aggressive cancer with metastases in her lungs. Although, thank God, she has been fighting for a year and is physically well, after this year of treatment, in the last CAT scan they detected that the “bug” had got used to the medication and that the evolution had not gone so well. For this reason they changed the treatment but at the same time a tumour had grown in the bladder which, according to the gynaecologist, was clearly malignant and therefore a new metastasis.

All this bad prognosis has meant that the whole family has spent Holy Week very close to the Cross and feeling like [Simons of] Cyrene, especially my sister PP, a woman of great faith and prayerful like no other. PP has three small children and one of them, has Down’s Syndrome.

So, I began to pray a prayer card to Pedrito every day, promising him that if he would grant me the favour, I would write it down and tell about it so that it would serve as a record for his path to beatification.

Since he is a saint in the making and to train him, I asked him with faith that my sister’s tumour be not malignant, but benign. I think, as I learned from St Josemaría, that great things are founded and are achieved through small things. It is no small thing that the tumour does not metastasise again, but I did not yet dare to ask him for PP’s cure and healing.

Step by step … Pedrito, I said to myself … and Pedrito listened to me and sent me that beautiful smile !!!!

And what wonderful news today: the tumour [in the bladder] is not malignant, but benign…the first step, thanks to Pedrito!

PP continues with her prognosis of incurable cancer but miracles do exist and maybe between all of us, and with big stride from Pedrito, we will be able to get rid of this bad “bug”.

I trusted Pedrito completely…and Pedrito has told me that yes, he is with me, with my family. It is a great favour that he has granted me, so I pray that it will be recorded on the road to his Beatification and Canonisation.

My voice cries out to Heaven and thanks God through the intercession of Pedrito to whom I especially entrusted this favour: that the tumour be benign.

Thank you Pedrito!!!! please continue to smile down on us from Heaven!!!!.

NN, Seville, Spain.

April 2021