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January 10, 2022

Resolving my relationship with my brother with Asperger's Syndrome

For many years now, I have had trouble communicating with andhaving a usual relationship with my brother. He suffers from Asperger's Syndrome,and unfortunately, this was only detected when he was 20 years old. So, most ofhis life he didn't receive proper support to deal with his condition. Nor were we,his family, able to understand why he was different.

So, living with him is a daily challenge. During the lockdownand pandemic times, he was even more immersed in his own world and it wasbecoming harder and harder to really find ways to communicate, to spend timewith him and even to see him... As an Asperger's he really doesn't like to betouched nor seen. Almost 30, my brother didn't have a job. He had finishedstudying a technical career in photography and was studying his BA inPhotography in Australia waiting for his VISA to continue studying 'in person'there and, if possible, get a job there.

During the summer in the UK, I was able to meet Pedro'smother and she gave me one of Pedro's prayer card. After hearing her speakingabout how good Pedro was during his lifetime, I knew I had to count on him.

As I returned from the UK to my country of origin, my parentstold me that my brother had not been granted the VISA to go to Australia. Myheart stopped for a moment... It was quite sad because for someone with Asperger's,receiving this news was very depressing and all the possibilities that could beopen to him in such a country were diminished.

An add-on to this, is that I am entrepreneur in the creativeindustries. Hard and very challenging situation during the Covid-19 pandemictimes, I wasn't able to pay myself a salary.

Many things were happening at the same time. So, I began topray one day and Pedro's prayer card fell from my little book. As I saw theprayer card, I prayed for him to help my brother solve his unemployment situation,as my brother was spending most of his day lying on his bed, sad and not verymotivated.

Not a couple of days passed before I received an opportunityto travel to the Peruvian Amazon to lead a workshop. I had the idea of invitingmy brother to take the photographs. But I was very fearful of asking himbecause he didn't really want me to speak to him. But, as I approached and toldhim the idea, he accepted.

Since that day, he has started working with me. We can spendtime together at work. We can speak. I can help him and he is challenginghimself to improve. After this happened, I dedicate some time to pray to Pedroalways, thanking and asking him to help me always with my brother withAsperger's.

Thank you Pedro and his mom for giving me that prayer card!


10January 2022