Answered Prayers

Discover the many stories of answered prayers, granted through Pedro’s intercession.

April 25, 2021

After a short while the pain was gone

My analgesic

I spent last summer in Manchester doing research. Staying at Greygarth, I had the opportunity not only to get to know the story of Pedro Ballester, but also to meet his parents and siblings several times. During those days I went to the cemetery on several occasions where I placed various academic, work, family and apostolic concerns of mine under his intercession….

When I was a little more than two weeks away from returning to my city, I began to have an persistent toothache. It looked bad. If I had been in my city I would have gone to my dentist and it would have been fixed. But the prices in Manchester worried me because I had already spent all the money I had.

I decided to go to Pedro and ask him to delay the problem until I got back. After a short while the pain was gone. This situation was repeated on at least four more occasions, and I proceeded in the same way, with the same result.

On my return I went to my dentist and he told me that the tooth had to be removed because there was an infection. He asked me what I had been taking during the previous weeks, and I told him nothing, that I had asked Pedro to take care of it and that it had gone very well. His response was: That’s amazing, it’s worked out for you going to that guy, because with what you’ve got in there, you should be in a lot of pain.

I made the most of my days in Manchester, and I have brought many things home with me, including a friend in heaven: Pedro.


Algeciras, Spain.