Answered Prayers

Discover the many stories of answered prayers, granted through Pedro’s intercession.

March 16, 2021

An agreement was reached

I wanted to tell you about a favour your son did me in a professional matter: I don’t know if you know that I work in the real estate sector.

I have a small agency with a business partner, relative and friend. With a lot of effort and patience we are holding our own. Above all for my partner, the real estate agency is his livelihood.

Last February, an important operation that we had been working on for some time and which represented a large part of the year’s business, fell through. It seemed that there was nothing to be done: the buyer and the seller had exchanged emails that left no room for saving the operation. I immediately thought of asking Pedro if he could solve what seemed unsolvable. Besides, it was the 13th of the month.  To everyone’s surprise, the following day, the same interlocutors who had broken off negotiations the day before, took up the issue again and reached an agreement that allowed the operation to go ahead.

Apart from this issue, Pedro was also entrusted with “his speciality”: my business partner, who some time ago had started to frequent means of formation, for a while was a little colder. The February Circle meeting was on the 13th. I reminded him in the morning but he gave me a little excuse not to attend. I didn’t insist, I asked Pedro to “take it” on himself. At the time of the Círcle, with British punctuality, my partner was there.


Madrid, Spain