Answered Prayers

Discover the many stories of answered prayers, granted through Pedro’s intercession.

July 12, 2021

Another COVID recovery

With these lines, I want to refer to the favour that I obtained through the intercession of Pedro Ballester.

In mid-June 2021, I received the news that an 89-year-old priest with a severe medical history had contracted SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). This priest resides in Vancouver (Canada), and due to a stroke, he has difficulties communicating, so he requires continuous attention.

He was admitted to the hospital with a fever of 39ºC and was isolated in the area for COVID-19.

As soon as I learned about it, I made a novena asking Pedro for his cure. On the first day of the novena, the fever disappeared, and the priest recovered without any sequelae. He was discharged after two weeks and is currently at home.

I was concerned that the isolation would affect him due to his cognitive impairment and communication difficulties. Remarkably, everything was very ordinary, and the patient was at peace and serenity during his admission [in the hospital].

I do not doubt the efficacy of Pedro’s intercession. Curiously, it is the second favour I get in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic

I send you a very cordial and sincere greeting.


Pamplona, Spain

6 July 2021