Answered Prayers

Discover the many stories of answered prayers, granted through Pedro’s intercession.

October 8, 2021

Calm, happy and grateful

Because of a debilitating condition – Alzheimer’s – my mother came to live with one of my siblings in London some months ago. Recently, we had an appointment for her to see a gynaecologist for a small procedure that she needs to undergo twice a year. Because of her Alzheimer’s, she can sometimes get very anxious and confused, especially with unusual events and situations, and can worry about them for days; so we decided not to tell her until the day of the appointment itself. Some days before the appointment I started praying to Pedro. On the appointed day, I prayed to Pedro that my mother would take the news, that we were visiting the gynaecologist, well and that everything would go smoothly, reminding him of how much he loved his own mother and how much his mother loved him. 

When I told my mother that we were going to see a doctor and why, she reacted very calmly and accepted it without any qualms. While taking her to the hospital in the car and while waiting to see the doctor, I kept up my prayers to Pedro and my mother continued being calm and cheerful. 

I also prayed to Pedro that the doctor would be nice to my mother. After a short wait, a young female doctor came to usher us in to see the consultant and, to my great surprise, she turned out to be quite fluent in Spanish (my mother’s mother tongue) and she immediately established a great rapport with my mother and put her at ease. She explained that she was a student in the final year of Medicine but had previously studied Spanish at the University. The consultant was also very friendly and the minor procedure was carried out quickly and efficiently. My mother remained calm, happy and grateful throughout.

I have no doubt that Pedro helped us a great deal on that day and am very grateful to him for obtaining these graces on behalf of my mother.

MM (London)

31 July 2021