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September 12, 2023

Despite his professed atheism he told me where to place the prayercard.

My aunt was hit by a car and suffered multiple injuries. At first, the worst thing was bleeding in the brain in three places that wouldn't stop. When it did stop, it left her with unbearable headaches that wouldn't go away even with morphine.
Although they are not great believers, I dared to ask them if I could put a picture of Pedro under the bed. And when she left the hospital I asked Pedro to relieve her headache. The next day it began to subside little by little until it was just a slight discomfort, which finally disappeared the following day.
When I asked my cousin for permission to place the prayer card, despite his professed atheism he told me "put it between the pillow and the mattress so that it won't fall off". So I continue to entrust the conversion of the whole family to Pedro.
BB (Aracena, Spain)
11 September 2023

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