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September 2, 2023

From Brazil: I asked Pedro Ballester to help me find a language school

I'm sending this e-mail to let you know that I've received help from Pedro Ballester.
At the last minute, my boss said that she wouldn't be able to sign the papers proving that I had completed my internship for college. If I stayed on in my job, I would miss a semester of college, would have to do it again the following year, having to stay in college for another year, because I'm finishing my degree I chose to quit my job so as to graduate as soon as possible. However, it was too late to get another internship, as there were only two weeks left of the semester.
I asked Pedro Ballester to help me find a language school where I could attend thirty Portuguese and sixteen English classes in the afternoon in two weeks:  it's very rare to find schools that have afternoon classes in Brazil. But I sent emails to lots of schools and one of them replied, saying that they were able to get me to attend classes because it was full time. I did the maths and the school hours matched up exactly with the time I needed to complete the internship.
Thanks to Pedro, I managed to finish the semester very well and do all the hours.
EF (Campinas, Brazil)
31 August 2023

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