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May 12, 2024

From Buenos Aires: My washing machine and a second dining table

I want to tell you about a favour that may seem a very small thing but for me it is very important. I have problems with my washing machine that works badly, especially when it rains – which is happening very frequently in Buenos Aires, as it rains almost every week! Every time it rains, as the washing machine is outside in the patio under a roof, it gets wet and the electrical system stops working. There are 6 of us at home and we have three washes per day. Being without the washing machine for two or three days causes me a lot of stress.
Now, every time it happens to me, I ask Pedro to help me to make it work. It doesn't always work the first time, but it always starts working even if sometimes we have to wait. Before pressing the power button I often pray the prayer card or simply say come on Pedro I need help!
Last year Pedro did me another favour that I don't think I told you. I had guests for dinner on Saturday. There were 4 other couples coming, with some of their children plus our family. I needed to buy another table to complement ours because we were not all going to have room to sit at one. I looked on the internet for a table that had the advantage that it could be dismantled and seemed to be of very good quality.
On Monday or Tuesday I can't remember when I bought it, but on the internet they said it would take 5 working days for delivery, and I hadn't noticed that the seller was 1000 km away. I wrote to the seller to give it priority, but it was very tight with the time. So I told Pedro: “You take care of it, as it's to welcome these families.” And I didn't worry about it any more. The table arrived on Friday and I had time to try it out and set it up calmly. The dinner went spectacularly and we were all seated comfortably.
Thank you Pedro!
MJR {Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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