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March 7, 2024

From Guatemala: After 9 months of being unemployed

I would like to tell you that in May 2023 I lost my job and I started to search intensively for a new opportunity. In October 2023 I went to a workshop here, in Guatemala, and we watched a documentary about Pedro. This touched me deeply and I became more interested in his story; so I also read (well actually, I listened to) his book. Since then, I started praying with his prayer-card every day, asking him to help me get a job. In December 2023 I reached the last stage of a selection process in a very good company. But the truth is that I was not really sure that I was a good fit for the position they were offering me. So I asked Pedro that, if the position wasn't right for me and it was going to be something where I was just there temporarily, that he would intercede for me so that they wouldn't appoint me. And that's what happened.
In January of this year, 2024, I began to ask for his intercession so that the job opportunity that God had in store for me would come before the end of the first quarter of this year. And, just on 1st February,  I started a selection process in a very good company and for a position that had attracted my attention. Thanks be to God, yesterday, 6th March, I was confirmed in the position and I start work this coming 11th March, after 9 months of being unemployed.
I am very grateful to Pedrito because I know that he interceded for me so that this opportunity, which I firmly believe was the one that God had in store for me, would be available to me.
JPM (Guatemala City)
7 March 2024

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