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May 23, 2024

From Guatemala: I "met" Pedro Ballester a year ago

I am from Guatemala. I "met" Pedro Ballester a year ago, when attending a circle of formation. After watching the documentary about his life and listening to the audiobook, I identified with him and his family, and I started to ask him for favours. I was surprised because he always helps me immediately.

Favour #1
In mid-April, I had a severe abdominal pain. I took some painkillers but three hours later I had no relief. The pain was already unbearable. My husband called the doctor. He told us that he would wait for us at his clinic, but that we should arrive within half an hour because he had something to do.
It was the busiest time in the city and my husband told me he didn't think he could make it. We didn't waste any time dressing up.... The only thing we did before leaving the house was to pray the prayer card to Pedro Ballester and our intention was "to get to the doctor quickly".  
The traffic lights turned green; there was a traffic jam in the lanes we didn't have to use, the lanes we had to use were free. We arrived at the doctor's clinic in 20 minutes!  A couple of hours later I was being operated on for appendicitis.

Favour #2
At the beginning of May, my Aunt Ofelia was hospitalized with severe pneumonia. She had to be intubated and sedated. One of her daughters wanted to bring a priest to give her the Anointing of the Sick because her state of health was serious. But the permits for visitors to enter public hospitals in Guatemala are very complicated and she did not get permission.  Aunt Ofelia's health became more complicated each day.
Ten days went by and they didn't give them the permit.
Suddenly, the hospital called: my aunt was already dying and they asked the daughters to come as soon as possible. They went straight to the hospital, there was terrible traffic. Ofelia's son-in-law, also on his way to the hospital, stopped at every Catholic church he could find, looking for a priest who could go with him to give Ofelia the last sacraments. He couldn't find anyone. He called me from his car, very worried, asking for help. I wrote by WhatsApp to a priest of Opus Dei telling him the situation and asking him if he could go and attend to my aunt. He said Yes, but because he didn't have a car he needed them to come for him. While Ofelia's son-in-law went to get the priest, I prayed the prayer card of Pedro, asking him "that the priest would arrive in time to attend to my aunt spiritually".  
We don't know how they let the priest into the hospital after they had refused to let him in for so many days. What is certain is that thanks to Pedro, the priest arrived on time, administered the sacraments to my aunt Ofelia, and she died peacefully twenty minutes after the priest was with her.
Thank you Pedro! Thank you for your intercession!
AA (Guatemala)
23 May 2024

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