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February 26, 2024

From Guatemala: Pedro and JP’s cycle helmet

Hello, I am the mother of JP, an 8 year old boy who is very pious and devoted to Pedro. He knows Pedro's life in broad strokes because my husband and I have told him about it.
We have also told him that Pedro likes to have many friends, especially now, who are probably the ones who pray his prayer card and ask him for favours.
Well, I tell you, JP is not usually forgetful with his belongings, and he is very careful. But, one day at school he completely forgot a cycle helmet and his school jacket. JP is also a bit of a worrier so he suffered a lot for having lost 2 things.... With my husband we suggested that he pray every day, and as many times as he could or at least one prayer card of Pedro
We felt that it would be impossible to find anything of what had been lost because it is a big school with many children. But we encouraged JP to pray with a lot of faith.
As the days went by we felt that we were getting discouraged inside but we kept motivating JP. One Friday, after sending the photo to all the teachers, it turned out that one of them had kept the helmet and there were already children asking the teacher for it.
We definitely believe that it was through Pedro's intercession that the helmet was not totally lost and that we managed to recover it!!!!
We are still praying for the jacket to appear!
Thank you for having read this, we are from Guatemala.
JP & GA (Guatemala)
26 February 2024

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