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September 12, 2023

From Hongkong: “C'mon, Pedro. Help me to get this now!”

I am returning to my country for a seminar and I needed to get a document for OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) issued to present to immigration as tax exemption before being able to leave the country. So I registered online to get this document. But while registering there were some issues and I could not print out the paper I needed.
I tried other ways to solve this but it seemed impossible. Days passed. I prayed to Pedro to try to register again. Today while opening the laptop, I prayed 3 times to Pedro again to do me this favor today. So I registered again, and when the moment came to print it out I told Pedro: “C'mon. Help me to get this now!” and true enough when I pressed the PRINT key, the document came out immediately.
Thanks so much Pedro for this for this FAVOR!!
VV (Hongkong)
10 September 2023

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