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November 15, 2023

From Madrid: The pain eased, until one day, it didn't hurt any more

I am a 14 year old girl. I am writing to tell you about an intervention I experienced through Pedro Ballester.
I am a very sporty girl and I do two types of gymnastics: rhythmic and artistic. I started 3rd year of ESO [secondary school] on a Thursday and the following Friday I met up with my friends. We went by bus, which was very full, and I was talking to a friend holding on to one of the yellow bars next to the exit door. At one of the stops, the doors suddenly opened and as I hadn't read the sign that said I wasn't supposed to put my hand there, my arm got caught between the bar and the door, pressing against the open door. When the door closed, my wrist hurt a lot.
I have to say that I have very weak wrists, as I have broken them a couple of times. Days went by and the pain didn't go away, and I didn't want to go to the doctor as I knew I would have to get a bandage or a cast and that would mean that I wouldn't be able to start doing gymnastics for a long time. This made me very angry and I didn't know what to do.... I took paracetamol, put on a wrist brace, creams...but nothing. Everything only had a temporary effect in the short term.
One of those days my father told me that he had been on a retreat with Pedro Ballester's brother. When he said this, I realised that I had heard about him at a retreat I had been to, but that was all. My father told me that Pedro was very active, so I thought: What have I to lose by praying the prayer-card to him?
And so it was, day and night I prayed the prayer card to Pedro and asked him for the cure of my wrist. The days went by and the pain eased, until one day, it didn't hurt any more. I started to do handstands and acrobatics and I could do them without any problem, Pedro had cured me! From that moment on, I am very devoted to him and I talk about him to my friends. Nowadays I do gymnastics without any problems.
It is not a "great" healing, but I know that relating it will help Pedro on his way to beatification. I hope it helps.
BAU (Madrid, Spain)
12 November 2023

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