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January 13, 2024

From Manila, Philippines: “Hey, Pedro, you are a powerful intercessor!!”

One day, as I dressed my pearl earring popped from my ear.  I saw it fly under my cabinet.  So I swept the floor, confident I would find it.  But I did not.  I moved the cabinet expecting to find it.  I did not.  I was wondering where on earth could that pearl earring go.  I swept the room the following day hoping to see it, and looking at every nook and cranny, just in case the earring was there.  
On the third day, I asked the help of Pedro.  I told him to help me find it and to make it easily visible for me to see! Lo and behold, when I swung the broom under the cabinet, the pearl earring flew in the air! I was alone in the room and laughing, telling Pedro, "Hey, you are a powerful intercessor!"
From that day on, I have often turned to Pedro for help.
One day, I needed to dispose of recyclable garbage on my way to work. I whispered to Pedro, help me find the junk collectors on the road where it would be easy to pull over without causing a hold-up in the traffic. I turned on the next street and was shocked to spot men with their garbage trucks collecting recyclable materials. They were more than happy to take everything I brought!  
Another time, someone in my family found it difficult to sleep. Because she needed to rest, I ran to Pedro's intercession. The next day, she told me she had had a good sleep!
The same thing happened to another sister who contracted flu and would cough at night even with medicines. I asked Pedro to help her sleep, and the night I asked, she slept well!
I treat Pedro like a young brother who is always ready to help!
Dr MM (Manila, Philippines)
13 January 2024 (Sixth anniversary of the death of Pedro Ballester)

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