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January 25, 2024

From Manila: Thank you, Pedro! Hats off to the power of your prayers!

My niece, a young nursing mother managing diabetes, recently fell ill with a persistent fever. Initially, she brushed it off, hoping it would subside on its own. However, after three days of unrelenting fever, she sought help at the hospital emergency room.
The first diagnosis was a urinary tract infection, and she was prescribed oral antibiotics before being sent home. Unfortunately, her condition didn't improve. On the fifth day, she sought a second opinion at another ER, receiving a loading dose of intravenous antibiotics and another set of medications.
As a doctor myself, my niece shared her lab results with me. Though the initial diagnosis was bacterial, my instincts hinted at a viral infection. Despite my reservations, I respected the decisions of the medical professionals attending to her. She pleaded to return home to care for her baby, and I couldn't help but worry about the prolonged fever.
The next day, she reported rashes on her face and arms, clinching [for me] the diagnosis of a viral infection. Reviewing her lab results, the low white blood cell count and the persistent high temperature intensified my concerns. Faced with uncertainty, I turned to Pedro, whom I regard now as a younger brother. That night, I fervently prayed, "Please, Pedro, help me pray. Get the virus out of her body—she needs to be well for her baby."
I sent a message to my niece, requesting her temperature readings. To my amazement, her temperature had returned to normal the next morning. I monitored her till the end of the day. She reported being fever-free throughout the day and added that she felt much better despite the rashes spreading to her legs.
Overwhelmed by the miracle, I shared Pedro's story and a YouTube video about him with my niece. Pedro's prayers felt tangible, and I couldn't help but express my gratitude. "Thank you, Pedro! Hats off to the power of your prayers!"
Dr MM (Manila, Philippines)
24 January 2024

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