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November 2, 2023

From Mexico: I thought my bank card was lost… My imagination was already beginning to suggest culprits

Yesterday, I thought my bank card was lost and I prayed the prayer card to Pedro.
This was only 24 hours after I had got to know about Pedro. I got a couple of prayer cards and skimmed through his biographical data. I didn't know anything about him but just by looking at his photograph I liked him very much.  
Yesterday when I went to get my card to do some shopping, the card was not in the usual place, I was immediately shocked, I went back to look for it carefully and it was not there. I went back several times and it wasn't there. I also looked in other places in case I had mistakenly put it somewhere else, but the card was nowhere to be found.
I remembered that I had used it two days earlier and then left it in its place, but it was not there. I have to say that I have a reputation for being meticulously tidy in my use of bank cards, and this is my personal card, no one else uses it. What was happening was not possible. I was beginning to despair.
If I couldn't find it I would have to notify the bank and then make arrangements to replace it. That can take some time and hassle. Plus I would have to compensate for any misuse that might have been made of it. I was in trouble.
Before notifying my family and the bank, something prompted me to pray the prayer card of Pedro and ask him to help me find it. I prayed with great faith and told him that I accepted all this as coming from the hand of God. And that I would remain calm.
So I plucked up my courage and went out shopping with cash. My imagination was already beginning to suggest culprits and plots.
As I walked to and from the mall, I thought of a lot of things and each time they came back to me, I rejected them, trying to identify with what seemed to me to be God's will. But I was determined to notify the bank so that the card would be blocked.
When I returned, there was still no one at home, I went to the place where I keep my valuables and the card was in its place. There, in the very place where I had looked for it before and couldn't find it. I couldn't have missed it when I looked for it. I don't know what happened.
What I do know is that I prayed to Pedro and after a while, half an hour or maybe an hour, the card was in the usual place. In that time there was no one at home and I had searched exhaustively for it.
Thank God Pedro interceded for me to find it.
MRL (Aguascalientes, Mexico)
29 October 2023

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