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November 28, 2023

From Valencia: My company has been having severe financial problems...

I am a businessman from Valencia, Spain. I am going to tell you what happened with Pedro a few days ago.
My company has 50 workers and since September we have had many problems because we have some invoices which have piled up that our clients were not paying us. I was having a very bad time because we have to pay the workers' salaries, taxes, etc. A very bad time, little sleep and a lot of worries.
One afternoon there was a meeting at my daughter's school, Guadalaviar, for the confirmation of my daughter, the little one.
At the end of the meeting a priest, who hails from Granada, said something about praying to Pedro or something like that. I had no idea who Pedro was but as soon as I left the meeting I looked him up and took a photo of his prayercard. I prayed to him quickly and asked for the remittances.
The mail always arrives in the morning and I had already looked at it. But when I arrived home it was 9 o'clock at night, and I had an urge to open the mailbox. Curiously there were some items that I had not been expecting; they were not the most important ones but it was a start.
That same week I was told that one of the two big bills – one of them was more than a year overdue – was going to be paid. Unbelievable, but so it was. And the other debtor, who was also very difficult, told me to wait a day and too came in. I thanked him and the payments continued to come in, including one that was due on 5th December and came in twenty days early. I have continued to pray and I have almost no important payments left to come in. The company has been reactivated and I am much calmer.
I continue to pray to Pedro. And give thanks.
JMV (Valencia, Spain)
25 November 2023

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