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September 6, 2023

From Vigo, Spain: My wallet appeared

Last Friday, 25 August, after going to the barber and travelling to Mondaríz to visit an elderly friend, my wallet disappeared. It had several documents and a bank card. The search for possible places where it might have got lost was fruitless, so I began to cancel the card and request a duplicate of the documents, considering the approximately forty Euros in cash, lost.
I entrusted myself to Pedro, whom I met a few years ago in Manchester while taking part in a summer course at Greygarth Hall. I said to him, "Pedro, this is the first time I have asked you for a favour through the prayercard; let the wallet show up, to avoid disruption and renewal fees." A week later, at exactly the same time I assumed it had gone astray, it turned up in Mondaríz. Someone found it and left it intact, with the documents and the money, in the village church. Thank you Pedro, for your simplicity and efficiency.
RS(Vigo, Spain)
5 September 2023

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