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November 19, 2021

Get rid of that cough before it gets rid of him

A small thing but I had promised to write it up.

One of the things I asked little Pedro on his birthday for was for this priest on our annual course who was coughing pretty seriously (like a few times every 3-5 mins; and I mean hacking). He is elderly, late 70s, tends to get pneumonia very easily and has a compromised immune system, So I told Pedro to do something and get rid of that cough before it gets rid of him. That was around 5pm in the evening.

The following morning doing our morning prayer I think I only heard this priest cough once (if that) and at breakfast I ask him how his cough was. He said it was much better; indeed it was. We barely heard him cough after that day and a couple of days later he went on an excursion to a musuem-cum-hike, walking the longest he’d done, he said in at least a year. According to him, the last time he had that cough it took him about several weeks before he got over it.  

Pedro is such a boss.

CC (Vancouver, Canada)