Answered Prayers

Discover the many stories of answered prayers, granted through Pedro’s intercession.

July 1, 2021

I had taken this exam 5 years in a row

Yesterday I took the last exam in Mathematics, which I still had left to pass after having taken it 5 years in a row without success. Throughout this year we were doing the mid-term exams online, so I saw it was the right time to pass.
I dedicated many hours of study a day with a friend who helped me. This last one that I took yesterday, they decided we had to sit for it in person. And I thought that not even by chance would I pass it: I needed a mark of 4 to pass.
I spent a lot of time studying for that exam with my friend; even so, the problems didn’t work out for me. When I got to the exam I saw it was impossible, but I started to do it. I wrote my results on a blank piece of paper to check them later.
I went to see my friend to calculate how much I could get, and we worked out that a 2.25 was about what I could get. All this was accompanied by tears, despair and helplessness.
When I went to Mass that afternoon I asked our Lady to give me hope and faith. On the way out I met Pedro’s brother and I told him what was happening to me.
Without hesitation he said to me: “Ask Pedro to give you a 4.” He passed me his prayer card and I prayed it until I savoured every sentence, asking them to give me a 4.
This morning the marks came out and I got a 4.
I have no doubt, Pedro was the one who gave it to me. I am very grateful to him, I can now close a stage of my life, knowing that Pedro was the one who sealed it.

Seville, Spain, 1 June 2021