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January 12, 2024

I met Pedro when he was a child and now I ask him for favours

I met Pedro when he was a child as I am a friend of the family. I lived 50 years in London and I am now in Argentina. I want now to give testimony of some favours I received through his intercession in 2023.
In March 2023 a friend of mine, a law student in Buenos Aires, told me very happily that she had been given a scholarship to take part in a Congress in the United States. A few days later she told me that the congress was in May and the interview for the visa at the US Embassy was in December... She took several steps but without a result. Days went by and as she could not get a ticket without the visa, I sent her a prayer card of Pedro and we both started a Novena. The deadline was the 14th of April. On the 10th she received a call from the embassy with an appointment for the 11th and she was immediately given her visa and was able to get her ticket and take part in the congress.
Since then, this friend has been doing nothing without Pedro. A few weeks ago she was travelling to her parents' house. When she arrived at the airport she realised that she didn't have her identity card and that her flight had been brought forward. It was at peak traffic of 5pm! She called me to ask me to pray and I referred her to Pedro. She told me that, of course, she had asked Pedro first; she called a courier who was able to arrive a few minutes before the boarding time, a real miracle for that time of day and the kind of service that exists in this country.
The other favour was granted to me. I am a member of Opus Dei and live in a centre with 15 other people. Many of them are elderly and ill.
In May 2023 they found that I had a tumour. I was calm enough to accept whatever God wanted but at the same time I realised that, due to the circumstances of the Centre, it seemed to me that it would be good for things to be resolved in such a way that I could continue helping and working in the Centre as much as possible. I decided to entrust this to Pedro.
The medical tests could be done quickly without me having to stop working even though I was very anaemic and I was with all of them until the night before the operation. The operation was delicate and high risk because of my age (I am 83 years old).
Everything went well because the tumour was removed in time. I returned home after 5 days, although I had been told it would take at least a week. So in a few days I was able to return to my work at home and continue doing what I was doing earlier, as I had asked this of Pedro. I waited a few months to see how the recovery went. Five months have passed and everything is still fine.
GG, (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
10 January 2024

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