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January 4, 2024

I prayed in Holland; my niece in Ecuador emerged unscathed

I would like to share with you a favour obtained from Pedro Ballester.
From the 13th to the 15th of October 2023, I was in the company of my mother on a retreat at Zonnewende Conference Centre, near Tilburg in Holland. On this occasion we had the opportunity to learn about Pedro's story which was read out during meals. I was very touched by his story because he was a boy almost the same age as my niece and very similar in his smile to my nephew, a triathlon athlete.
On the afternoon of Friday the 13th, about 16:00 at a recess in activities, I was alone and I took his prayer card and while my mother was taking a walk, I decided to pray to Pedro. At that moment when I took his prayer card, I looked at him and in my heart I said to him: Pedro, you look very much like my nephew and you are almost my niece’s age, I have heard that you work miracles, I ask you for my nephew and niece who are like my children, protect them and keep them away from any danger. I promise to pray to you with great devotion.
At that moment, local time in Ecuador at approximately 11.00am, my niece was carrying out an exhibition of typical food in a tent with her university classmates and apparently the flame of one of the serving trays was going out. My niece together with her classmates decided to try again to light it. But just at that moment, without any explanation, she suddenly realised that napkins that she had previously arranged had been moved. That is when she was distracted and left the tent. At that moment the tent exploded, leaving her companions and the teacher seriously injured with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. My niece was the only one who was distracted by trying to fix the napkins and she was the only one to get out of the tent when the disaster happened.
Thank God everyone was saved, although the fear of what happened is still with us.
I had not been able to write before, hopefully this miracle will serve to elevate Pedro to the altars.
GC (Tilburg, The Netherlands)
2 January 2024

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