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August 15, 2023

I saw that there was also an issue of justice here

I wanted to drop you a line as I feel that it’s the right time to give you an update on my situation. Especially after asking for Pedro’s intercession, I should now give thanks for what I believe to be the fruits of those prayers…
As you will be reminded from my prayer request [of April this year], it was a terrible bombshell that hit my life in April. Everything that I thought to be stable in terms of my life, work and even identity crumbled in an instant. The future seemed utterly unclear and all I could do was trust, or at least try to trust!, in God’s providence. With help of course I believe from Pedro….
After receiving the news, what ensued was a difficult time at work which clearly wanted me out as quickly and cheaply as possible. But I chose not to go quietly and told my boss that I felt that after 25 years, I deserved more than I was offered. To be honest part of me wondered if I ought as it were to turn the other cheek and accept what was originally offered. But following advice, I saw that there was also an issue of justice here. And that if it were God’s will, a just settlement would prevail…
And to be honest, much to my amazement, a much better settlement offer did indeed come back. And with that everything changed. I had a relatively better cushion which meant that I could consider other options rather than desperately seeking any work.
And so I’m returning to college to do something completely different. Something I’d actually wanted to do for a long time but which work always  seemed to get in the way of any realistic chance to explore.  So I’ve been accepted by City University to do a Master’s degree in podcast production. My dream is to be able to help others - whether organisations or individuals - to tell their stories. After 25 years of working in the old media of newspapers, I’m excited to be entering a whole new world. One of the future. And one where ideally I’ll be able to use my skills one day for the Church.
And although of course I never knew Pedro in this life, I’d like to think that as a young man with an appreciation of all things new and technological no doubt, he’d appreciate and support this new path. At least I believe he does, as I am sure that it is through his intercession that I find myself in a place that feels utterly different to 3 months ago. One where I can breathe again, where hope and joy abound and hopefully look forward to whatever God has in store.
I’m sorry for the rather long message but as you can probably tell I do feel passionate about the blessings that God has granted me after this terrible  storm that beset me!  And so very grateful for the help of Pedro and indeed for all of you at Opus Dei.
Thank you again for everything and may God bless you all and your work. And may Pedro continue to pray for us!!
All the best,
CB (London, England)
14 August 2023

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