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September 20, 2023

I was accepted to study at Cranfield University in England to finish my Master's degree. But …

I would like to share a favour that I have received after praying through Pedro’s intercession
I am 24 years old, and I am from Barcelona. A few months ago, I was accepted to study at Cranfield University to finish my Master's degree.
I thought it was a great opportunity, but I was very concerned about the sleeping conditions. I don't feel comfortable sleeping in a mixed flat. Due to the location of the university, it would not be possible to live in Ashwell House, a hall of residence in London. So I was ready to turn down the opportunity to study there.  
But then a friend of mine suggested I start praying to Pedro and ask him for this favour.  Once I started praying to him, the opportunity for a flat came up. An older woman offered me a room to live in, close to the university and only for women.  
From the first moment Pedro has been helping me: with all the paperwork related to the flat, with the price of the flat, with the exams I had to pass before going to the UK, etc. I am sure that this opportunity comes from Pedro, and I am very grateful to him for that. From this moment on, if anyone wants anything, I strongly recommend praying to Pedro, he is the best!  
CGL (Barcelona, Spain)
6 September 2023

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