Answered Prayers

Discover the many stories of answered prayers, granted through Pedro’s intercession.

February 6, 2021

My Goddaughter with West syndrome?

In November 2020 my 6 month old Goddaughter, whom I had also baptised, began to experience seizures. Her mother is a GP and her family members are medics are of various kinds. The seizures were not typical of epilepsy and of course very distressing to her Mum and Dad and the whole family.

They immediately referred her to a neurologist who due to the COVID restrictions had them video a seizure. The neurologist immediately, and with some urgency, asked to see her and informed her parents that in his opinion this could well be West syndrome. This is an infantile neurological problem which is uncommon and indeed rare. Depending upon the severity of the condition it can result in developmental regression.

The whole family prayed hard that whatever the will of the Lord they would be able to accept it and to deal with the future both for my Goddaughter and for themselves.

Upon the advice of the former bishop who had confirmed Pedro and had offered his Requiem Mass, we began asking the help and prayers of Pedro.

It was obviously a very distressing time, made worse by the pandemic and the restrictions in force. The NHS was outstanding and we owe them a great debt of gratitude for their care, not only of my Goddaughter but for the family. With others joining us throughout the world in prayer and invoking the intercession of Pedro we continued in our storming of heaven asking for the Lord’s blessing.

My Goddaughter underwent a variety of tests to determine whether it was West syndrome or something else. The neurologist was of the opinion that it was indeed probably West syndrome. The Good Lord heard our prayers and I have no doubt the prayer of Pedro. The news came in December 2020 that my Goddaughter did not have West syndrome and no cause for the seizures could be found. The seizures have now begun to abate, and she is the most delightful, happy and not a little determined little girl.

We are so tremendously grateful to the Good Lord for his mercy, grace and for the intercession of Pedro for this little girl. It is a reminder to the whole family and to us all, that we are part of a church family which extends not only throughout the world but throughout time and eternity. The love Pedro had for the Good Lord, so evident in his own life, meant that he was joined to us and we to him in our prayer to the Lord for another member of our family, the family of the church. Thank you Pedro for your help and prayers.


Leeds, January 2021