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September 2, 2023

My hearing aid and I had parted company in Aachen

I am attending a residential course in the Netherlands. On Saturday, 19 August, several of us visited the Cathedral in Aachen. We joined a guided tour that started at 2:00 pm, and were offered earphones to listen to the guide’s commentary. On our return journey by car I realised that I had lost my hearing aid. I thought that it must have fallen off when I took off and handed back the earphones in a lobby between the end of the tour and the exit gate. On arriving home, I sent an email to the organisers of the tour explaining the timing and possible place. Since then I have been praying to Pedro asking for his intercession to recover the hearing aid.
Today, I was amazed to receive an envelope posted in Aachen on 25 August, containing the hearing aid. I attribute this to the intercession of Pedro, as it is really surprising that the very small hearing aid was found several days after I lost it, in a place where there were so many tourists going out of the cathedral
FM (Moergestel, The Netherlands)
1 September 2023

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