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February 2, 2021

My little Sofia was lost in Mallorca…

Lost on the island of Mallorca

I would like to tell you the story of what happened on 13th January 2018, immediately after Pedrito’s death and what I call Pedrito’s “first little miracle”.

That day, a Saturday, my husband was in Madrid with our eldest son, and I stayed in Palma with our two daughters. We had woken up to the sad news of Pedrito’s death, for whom we had all been praying for 3 years; that morning we all mourned his loss.

We then went for a meal with friends in a house in a village, Sencelles, which is in the interior of the island. After lunch, Sofia, my youngest daughter, aged 9 years old, and two of her friends went to play at the sports centre of the village, guided by one of the mothers who knew the way. The sports centre was about 1 km from the house and towards the outskirts of the village. After an hour, the two girls who had gone out with Sofia returned and came to me a bit scared, as they could not find Sofia. They told me that Sofia had decided to return home alone from the sports centre; after a while they went out to look for her, fearing that she might have lost the way. When they got home and saw that she wasn’t there, they realised that she had got lost, so they ran to tell me.

I went out with the girls to look for Sofia. It was about 7pm and it was already dark and there was hardly anyone in the village streets. The three of us went to the sports centre and once there, we called out to her without getting an answer. At that moment my nervousness increased, I didn’t want to accept that she was lost but it was already obvious… we hadn’t seen her on the way to the sports centre, so we had to start looking at all the streets of the village. I wasn’t sure in which direction to go, but I started walking.

What I did know was who could help me. So, I started to pray to Pedrito a simple Our Father and a Hail Mary and to beg him… “Pedrito, please bring Sofia back to me.”

At that moment a car stopped next to us and Sofia got out of the car… she was scared and crying, and came running towards me. Between sobs she told me that when she realised that she had taken the wrong road she started crying and only thought of stopping the first car she saw.

A lady of about my age, about 40 years old, was the one who picked Sofia up and helped her find her mother by driving around the village in her car. The driver was nervous but at the same time excited to witness Sofia’s reunion with me. I thanked her enormously for her help, and she warned Sofia never to stop a car in the street again if she got lost. “On the street you won’t always find good people who will help you”, she told Sofia. I thanked her for, indeed, having been a good person and for taking care of Sofia; and told her that this led me to think that she was an angel that Pedrito, a friend of ours who had died that day, had sent after my call, to help Sofia find her mother. The lady was moved. We three were also moved.

A little later I remembered that about a month earlier my husband, encouraged by me and the children, had been in Manchester so that he could visit Pedrito and be close to Pedrito’s parents and siblings. Sofia loves Pedrito very much, hardly knowing him; but for all that she had prayed for him …. She had prepared him a beautiful letter full of loving phrases, with cheerful colours, expressing how much she loved him, telling him things like that his recovery was the wish she asked for on her birthday … sincere phrases from a 9-year-old girl full of feeling.

Pedrito had kept that drawing hanging at his bedside during his stay in hospital and I have no doubt that at some point he prayed for Sofia. Now, on 13 January, after arriving in Heaven, the second thing he did. after being with the Lord and the Virgin Mary…. was to help Sofia.

I hope that this story will be helpful as more and more stories are told about Pedrito’s “little miracles”, which I am sure there will be. At the moment it is something very significant for us who have experienced it and also for Pedrito’s family, who have no doubt that Pedrito has a lot to do with this reunion.


Palma de Mallorca, Spain