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January 5, 2022

My new niece was born last night, with complications…

20 December 2021:  A request

Please offer a prayer for all concerned - and ask Pedro Ballester from his place inheaven to intercede for the following situation ...

Can I please ask your prayers for my new niece, P, who was born last night with complications… her heart stopped during birth. She is in intensive care and the doctors fear brain damage. My brother and sister in law are devastated… please pray for them.

They were told they would never have children and so were delighted with the  gift of little P.


30 December 2021: News update

News re P, the little baby – from her uncle –with the family’s sincerest thanks.

She has started feeding, she’s had her hearing test today and passed, she’s now off intensive care, she’s had some seizures but the doctors seem to think this is treatable and there’s talk of her coming home tomorrow!

But we still await the results of the brain scan.. it’s immensely kind of you and those who have been praying for her but it has made the difference I know.


Fr RR (Liverpool, England)

5 January 2022