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February 21, 2024

Pedro, you are the most efficient banker!

Today Pedro was ready to help with the favours I needed. I had to go to the bank to settle a matter that had been bothering me for several days. The drive from my house to the bank was a little over an hour. I was on a tight schedule and would not have time to do it later. When I arrived I realised that it would be difficult to find a parking space as the street where the bank is located was being repaired and there were no free spaces.
I did a first lap in the car looking for a place. And when I started the second lap I started to ask Pedro to help me find a place quickly and close to the bank. And so it was: I turned around in a street and a car was coming out of a place that was very close to my destination.
I then had to wait for an hour and a half to be served at the bank. I was about to give up and go home, thinking of all the work I could have done during the time I had spent on the road and then waiting. But I knew I wouldn't have another opportunity to return and the procedure was important to me.
When I was finally attended to, I explained my problem to the banker and to my surprise the answer was that the matter could not be solved there, but that I would have to go to another institution and follow a different procedure. I was sure that there was a solution and above all I could not afford to spend more time going elsewhere.
So I turned to Pedro again, prayed the prayer card, begging him to help me with the bank and insisted again. As soon as I finished praying, I tried again, and without any explanation from the bank, the problem was solved.
Thank you Pedro, you are the most efficient banker!
MDLP (Guadalajara, México))
7 February 2024

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