Answered Prayers

Discover the many stories of answered prayers, granted through Pedro’s intercession.

January 5, 2022

Please hold on.. your call is important to us

I wish to report afavour I received from Pedro today.
I had been trying all afternoon to contact British Airways to redeem a future flight voucher against a flight I wanted to take this weekend. After several frustrating phone calls when I was told by the automatic message service that I would have to call again later, I decided to wait until a couple of minutes before the lines closed at 8pm. I prayed (generically) that I might get a different message, and rather to my surprise this time I was told that I was being held in a queue. Still, I held for fifteen minutes and there was no answer except for the automatic answer service at intervals of about one minute.

Afraid that this was all just a waste of time, I prayed to the intercession of Pedro, asking please get me through to someone; and I set a deadline of 8:15pm, which was in fact a rather short deadline of about two minutes. 8:15 arrived, and what was to be my last automatic message came on, and then just after it finished, and before I moved to put the phone down, a human voice cut in. I was through! Soon the matter was sorted out, and everything resolved. I want to put this on record, as well as the swiftness of the answer that I received to my prayer.

Fr AA (London, England)
5 January 2022