Answered Prayers

Discover the many stories of answered prayers, granted through Pedro’s intercession.

February 1, 2021

Prayers were answered in ways I would not at all normally choose

I want to share with you that I was impressed by the story of the Ballester family and the faith and generosity of Pedro and his parents: anecdotes of his struggles to live a Christian life, both in his ‘ordinary’ life growing up and in the extraordinary way he was called to live out his vocation. I have placed a prayer card for the repose of his soul in a place where I see it frequently and have been praying with him for a specific intention: that a young person who has said something which is untrue would see – ut videat –  that this is very damaging and that, seeing this, would not go through with repeating it publicly.

Through a conversation with a priest of Opus Dei [the Work of God] I was helped to see that allowing that person to be put on the spot was not the only way forward and that I should try and find a way to avoid a public confrontation. I could see that there are better ways to respond to the situation although they are more in God’s hands and less in my control.

Today is a double anniversary for us here in Australia, the day St John Paul II visited Melbourne in 1986 and when he issued “Ut Sit” establishing Opus Dei as a Personal Prelature in 1982. It was only a combination of unlikely coincidences that I was able to meet with the priest of Opus Dei yesterday and that our conversation unfolded as it did for me to discern and decide to accept another way forward in time to avoid confrontation: ut sit.

While avoiding the temptation to see God’s intervention everywhere, I attribute those unlikely coincidences and inspirations unmistakably to Pedro’s intercession: our prayers were answered by God in ways I would not at all normally choose or expect. The generous support of friends, including several in the Work, makes it easy to accept this once I see my initial way was not the only way.

The experience of the Ballester family confirms for me that trusting in the graces God gives us through everyday circumstances, to see how to allow God’s Will to unfold, is the best way to be happy, even here on earth and when it is very much against our initial inclinations.