Answered Prayers

Discover the many stories of answered prayers, granted through Pedro’s intercession.

August 6, 2021

Resolving the legal case really was a miracle

I have known S for a few years now, and quite well too. In the last couple of years he has met L; they are now engaged and plan to get married later this year. She lives in the US. And the plan is for him to work in the UK and for them to live here.

But she has an important court case to resolve in the US. On this depends whether or not they can live in the UK, or whether they would have to settle in the US, which would cause professional challenges for S.

Relations between L and the other party have been strained; and it seemed that negotiations might drag on for a long time, or even that the case might not get settled in a way that they could get married and settle in the UK.

On 21 May, S sent me a message to say that “an offer had been made by L. We’re currently waiting for a response. Would you mind saying a little prayer for us?”

So, I suggested to S that he might pray through the intercession of Pedro Ballester. I pointed out that on the following day Pedro would have celebrated his birthday, and we could ask him for a birthday present. 

A few minutes later I got a call from an excited L. The following day, 22 May, she told me, was also her birthday, and she would definitely pray via Pedro’s intercession.

On 5 June, S has sent a message saying: “L’s dad signed the document today and it got lodged with the court. Thanks so much so much for your prayers. We believe Pedro had a big hand in it all. Really was a miracle. L’s parents can’t believe it”

L writes on 5 June: “Hi! Today, by nothing shorter than a miracle, he [the other party] signed the document confirming our move to the UK. You might not believe this, but every Friday, following our prayers to Pedro on May 22, marked one step closer to finalizing an agreement. Today it was settled (two weeks later).

I am in awe! Because he [the other party] was ready to stop at nothing to impede the move. All of a sudden, he changed his mind. I can’t thank Pedro enough!!”


London, England