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May 22, 2024

The struggle for a dream to be fulfilled: my son's entry to school

We wanted to change our son's school, but the pathway was not easy. The entrance exams were demanding, and the competition for a place was fierce.
On the first call from the school we were told that it was very difficult for him to get in and we had to wait a few months to see what the chances were. The disappointment hit us hard, and I, as a parent, was deeply saddened to see that opportunity fade away.
It was then that I heard about Pedro's story from a good friend, and Pedro became our beacon of hope. Every day, from that moment on, I prayed the prayer to Pedro and carried his prayercard with me.
Finally, the day of the second call came. Thanks to Pedro's support, my son got into the school. The joy we felt at that moment was indescribable.
Pedro had played a fundamental role.
JAM (Seville, Spain)
21 May 2024

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