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July 7, 2024

This time in Michigan: another doggy favour

I have been receiving so many favors through the intercession of Pedro, most of which facilitate my daily tasks as a doctor. But I would like to send an account of this big favor that happened two days ago.
My niece, who lives in Chicago, spent a few days in Michigan with her family last week. On the 4th of July, she sent me an urgent message asking for prayers to help find their dog, Momo, who had gone missing. They believed Momo had slipped out through the back door and gotten lost. They had been searching for her for an hour with no luck, and my two grandnieces were in tears. I promised to pray and, as always, sought the help of Pedro, whom I regard as my heavenly youngest brother.
The next day, my niece informed me that they were heading out for a boating trip they had reserved days ago. When I inquired about Momo, she told me sadly they still hadn’t found her. They had reported her missing to the authorities and contacted nearby animal shelters. She mentioned that the family had barely slept, worried sick about their beloved pet.
I prayed again, asking Pedro to help locate Momo. I pleaded for his assistance, imagining how heartbroken my grandnieces must have been.
To my surprise, just 45 minutes later, I received another message from my niece! The owner of the house they rented had called to say they found Momo five houses away. He explained that the 4th of July fireworks must have scared her away.
I immediately thanked Pedro. He never fails me!
MM (Manila, Philippines)
7 July 2024

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