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September 10, 2023

Where did I leave my wallet with three cards?

Hello... I have received another favour from Pedro.
I've had a lot of work for several days and a lot of errands with expiry dates, what in Spain we call "paperwork"... doctor's appointments, certifying documents, accompanying my mother to the doctor... And a few days ago, with all this hustle and bustle, I couldn’t find a wallet with some bank notes and three cards: the metro card, the credit card and the bus pass, which for a number of reasons is free.
I searched in my purse, in my wardrobe for several days and several times, always telling Pedro that it was not one but three... The days went by and although I kept looking in every corner there was no way to find it. A whole week went by.
One day something made me look in a sports bag that I had put in a storeroom and I saw that at the bottom was the wallet with the three cards. No doubt it was Pedro who "pushed" me to go and look in that sports bag, which I only use very rarely.
Thank you Pedro.
LCR (Seville, Spain)
9 September 2023

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