Would Blanca pull through?

On 14th November 2023, Blanca, a 15 year old girl from Asturias, Spain, suffered from a serious stroke. Her life was in danger.

December 14, 2023

Rocio Saura is the correspondent from Gijon, Spain

17 November 2023: We ask for prayers for Blanca, a 15 year old girl from Asturias, Spain. On 14th November she suffered from a serious stroke. She has been through 3 brain surgeries now and has received the sacrament of the Anointing of the sick. Her life is in danger. Her family and friends have decided to ask Pedro for her healing. We really need a miracle... Thanks for all your prayers. Pedro, we need your help!
18 November 2023: Her mother is really grateful to you all and to Esperanza. The city is Gijón, Asturias. We will keep in touch on progress
22 November 2023: I write to Inform you that Blanca little by little is developing and making a recovery. Just yesterday, doctors told her parents that, even though it is hard to hear it, they think it’s a miracle that Blanca has survived this week.
They think she will still need 3 weeks for the blood to be reabsorbed from one brain part. Although continues unconscious, she has moved her hand and toe a little bit today.
25 November 2023: Hi. Good news!!! Blanca awoke this morning...she moves a bit, understands what we say and...just wants to sleep. But...we are thrilled!!! And we are really, really grateful .... It’s amazing!
In case you want to write the updates on Instagram to thank the people's prayers and to keep encouraging for prayers until there’s a complete recovery...
Thanks to God!! And thanks to Pedro!
7 December 2023: Yes... She has today an important surgery. If the results are ok she could go home for Christmas. visited her yesterday at hospital. She was fine but obviously feeling weak. She can speak, she understands; she can walk with frame. She can sit up. She has lost 15 kg. She could hold a conversation, and she answered questions… slowly but cogently.
Doctors told her mother that recovery is a miracle.
She has been in considerable pain and on morphine.; but yesterday the doctors stopped the morphine because she no longer feels the pain.
The downside is that part of her brain which details with emotions is disabled; and she can be depressed because of this. But we are praying to Pedro for this too.
Tomorrow we are having an online get together a group of Blanca's friends and Pedro's mother, Esperanza. These friends are moved, because they know Blanca was athletic and now she needs help to do anything. But they also know how she has recovered from a month ago.
13 December 2023: Blanca went back home on Monday, 11th December!